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Christopher Burg

I'm a crypto-anarchist and devout Discordian who has made it my personal mission to help others achieve digital disorder.

Let's face it, there's too much order on the Internet. Plain text communications in the form of e-mail and instant messages make life too easy on Big Brother. What we need is disorder, which his what cryptography delivers.

Through the amazing, almost magical, power of cryptography we can turn that legible plain text into illegible gibberish and back again! But the last part, turning it back into text, can only be accomplished by those who know the correct incantation to chant. That means Big Brother will be left pondering the mysteries of your transmitted garbage while you and your friends will be laughing at the funny pictures of the cute cats you sent to each other.

Join me and I will teach your the dark arts of practical cryptography. After attending my sessions you will be at one with the natural chaos of the universe. Like Winston sitting in the corner of his apartment, you too will be able to avoid Big Brother's gaze, at least for a short time.